How It Works
5-Part Strategic 
High Ticket System
1 Research & Preparation
We first research your perfect customer and audience to target in on your best leads and buyers.
2 Offer & Design
We help you create a proven offer. After we build out the system all of the necessary pages, creatives and campaigns so we can launch the ads.
3 Launch
This phase is very very important and one of the most overlooked phases, because you need to know your numbers.
4 Optimize
Optimizing is a process of finding winners and only focusing on the winning ad campaigns.
5 Scale
Our process allows for us to efficiently scale your new high-ticket program or service and help us run paud ads while systematically keeping the cost down.
Reasons WHY We Use Facebook Advertising
Facebook has more than a billion active users:
  • Worldwide, there are over 2.07 billion monthly active Facebook users for Q3 2017 (Facebook MAUs) which is a 16 percent increase year over year. (Source: Facebook 11/01/17) What this means for you: In case you had any lingering doubts, statistically, Facebook is too big to ignore...
  • There are 1.15 billion mobile daily active users (Mobile DAU) for December 2016, an increase of 23 percent year-over-year. (Source: Facebook as of 2/01/17)
  • 1.37 billion people on average log onto Facebook daily and are considered daily active users (Facebook DAU) for September 2017, which represents a 16 percent increase year over year (Source: Facebook as 11/01/17).
  • There are 1.74 billion mobile active users (Mobile Facebook MAU) for December 2016 which is an increase of 21% year-over-year (Source: Facebook as of 02/01/17). 
  • On average, the Like and Share Buttons are viewed across almost 10 million websites daily. (Source: Facebook as of 10/2/2014)
  • Facebook users are 76% female (out of 100% of all females) and 66% male (out of 100% of all males). (Source: Brandwatch) 
  •  Average time spent per Facebook visit is 20 minutes. (Source: Infodocket)
  •  42% of marketers report that Facebook is critical or important to their business. (Source: State of Inbound Marketing 2012
  •  16 Million local business pages have been created as of May 2013 which is a 100 percent increase from 8 million in June 2012. (Source: Facebook).
What these stats mean for your business
I’m accustomed to only using the word “billion” to convey a type of kidding-not-kidding hyperbole (i.e. “I want to eat a billion pizzas for lunch”) but in Facebook’s case, there is no exaggeration. 

They have over a billion daily active users. 

If Facebook was a country, it would be the most populated country on earth. So even though the way in which businesses (and customers) use Facebook will continue to evolve, it’s safe to say that the platform as a whole isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Investing in building and sustaining a presence on Facebook should (still) be a top priority for your business. (Source: Hootsuite.)
Reasons WHY We Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Businesses make an average of $2 in income for every $1 they spend in AdWords. (Source Google)
  • On average, 41% of clicks go to the top 3 paid ads on the search results page. (Source Wordstream)
  • For high commercial intent searches (someone looking to buy a product) paid ads get 65% of all clicks. (Source Wordstream)
  • The average click-through rate for an ad in the first position is 7.94%. An average click-through rate is 2%. (Source AccuraCast)
  • PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase something than organic visitors. (Source Unbounce)
  • 65% of B2B companies have acquired a customer through LinkedIn paid ads. (Source HubSpot)
  •  One company increased their PPC ROI by 2.5 times with Facebook remarketing. (Source AdRoll)
  • Search ads can increase brand awareness by 80%. (Source Google)
  • 75% of people who find local, helpful information in search results are more likely to visit the physical stores. (Source Google)
  • Terra Organics attributes 25% of their new customers to their targeted search campaigns. (Source Google)
  • Display advertising has proven to increase traffic to websites by 300%. (Source Visually)
  • There are at least 300,000 mobile apps currently serving Google Mobile Ads. (Source Creative Roots Marketing)
  • 43% of new customers buy something they saw in a YouTube ad. (Source Contently)
  • AdWords competitive rate of 87% allows your advertisement to fairly promote your products or services making you a competitor to those in similar industries. (Source Optimus 01)
Google search ads (and Bing search ads) target people at the moment they’re searching for your product or service. They appear at the top (or bottom) of the search engine results page, and if you can secure the top spot you’re pretty much golden. (Source bluecorona)
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Learn more about our services. We offer done for you high ticket creation, we also have training if you would like to do it yourself, and we also have ads management and audience building. 

Let us help you create your own high ticket program or service by giving you all the tools and system so you can automatically generating leads and convert more sales through Multi-Channel Advertising.
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